About Me

Hey friends, I’m Eugene 🙂

Welcome to my website. In this blog, I want to share about 2 main topics, personal finance and self improvement. I will post about my journey towards FIRE 🔥 (Financial Independence Retire Early) and the life lessons I have learnt along the way that could be helpful and inspiring to you.

In my life, the topic about personal finance are not the go to conversations. We often chat about so many different topics but hardly on money management. It is like a taboo topic that we don’t talk about. So, I hope by posting about personal finance in this blog, it can help bridge the uncomfortable topic around money and at the same time, become a better individual.

Lastly, my 3 cents worth of wisdom,

Money💰+ Health❤️= Wealth 🤗

A brief introduction of myself:

🔫I was an Ex Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) regular serviceman who served for 6 years. This is a love hate journey where there were crazy hard times but you had close brothers around you. I learned countless life lessons and had experiences like no other.

👨‍🎓After I left SAF, I managed part time degree studies while working a full time job for the next 2 years. Due to my age, I chose to take on part-time Uni studies so that I can build more job experience. It was not easy to be studying and doing written assignments after almost 6 years of not studying, but I felt it was worth it not just because I attained the degree, but also because I managed to keep a promise to myself, and I did it!

✍ Now, in this third chapter of my life, I am starting a blog not just to share but to continue the learning process too.

🧘‍♂️My MBTI is INFP (Mediator)

Some of my other interests include:

🏀Basketball (Love the Miami Heat)

🚀Legos (Star Wars fan)

☕Coffee (From Hawker Centre)

Feel free to reach out to me:

You can reach out to me via the follow channels:

  1. Email – eug3centsworth@gmail.com
  2. Instagram – 3centsworth_

Cheers 👋